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"Experience the Thrill, Trust the Quality.
Crafted with Pride in the USA"




Our roller coaster simulator now features a dazzling new marquee and vibrant sticker designs—enhancements long requested by our community.

With an all-new interactive shooting mode, we've taken the excitement up a notch. Now, riders can aim and fire at targets during their thrilling coaster ride, adding extra fun to every adventure.


Plus, we've upgraded all 12 games, boosting the quality and enjoyment across the board. Come see why our simulator is more engaging than ever!

New Look,
More Action 


Investing in the Rilix Coaster is a smart decision for any amusement park, children's party venue, or shopping mall vending machine looking for innovation, high profitability, and a quick return on investment. This virtual reality roller coaster simulator offers a unique and immersive experience, capable of attracting a large number of visitors and providing unforgettable moments.

Why is the Rilix Coaster an excellent business opportunity?

rapid return on investment

Thanks to its popularity and ability to attract a large number of visitors, the Rilix Coaster offers a quick return on investment. In a short amount of time, you can recover your initial investment and start generating profit.



The novelty and exclusivity of the experience provided by the Rilix Coaster attract both new visitors and returning customers. This high demand ensures a constant flow of guests, which is essential for the success and profitability of your business.

Customizable Experience

With a variety of settings and tracks available, the Rilix Coaster allows you to offer different experiences to visitors. This keeps the attraction fresh and exciting, encouraging customers to return for new adventures.

Easy Implementation and Maintenance

The Rilix Coaster is designed to be easily integrated into your space. Additionally, maintenance is simple and efficient, ensuring that the attraction is always operating at its best performance, minimizing downtime.

Innovative Attraction

It completely delights your customers and visitors, and also stands out as a cutting-edge attraction that sets your business apart from the competition.

Increase in Customer Satisfaction

Providing a unique and thrilling experience like the Rilix Coaster significantly boosts visitor satisfaction. Satisfied customers are more likely to return and recommend the park to friends and family, creating a positive cycle of word-of-mouth advertising and increased attendance.

Investing in the Rilix Coaster is a strategic choice that not only enhances the visitor experience but also strengthens your park's position in the market. With a quick return and guaranteed profit, the Rilix Coaster is the perfect attraction to drive the success of your business.

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